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At the Southern Federation of Dance, you'll find a wide variety of services offered. A comprehensive manual for members, containing all relevant information regarding yearly events, exams, entry forms and general information, is available by contacting us.



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Members may enter students for examinations in any syllabus style and levels.  SFD offeres Members' the convenience of selecting the examination date. This can take place at any time throughout the year from February to November. The venue for examinations can also be nominated by Members, this is often at their own studio.


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This course is held bi-anually in Victoria usually during the April school holidays. The Teaching Certificate Course can be taken in any of the three styles: Jazz, Tap and Classical. Candidates choose to study one of these styles. The course covers practical and theoretical aspects of dance such as: teaching methodology, common faults and their prevention, major muscle groups, body alignment/posture, stretching, safe dance practices and injury prevention/management, nutrition, growth and motor development. It incorporates the learning of Levels 1-5 with the syllabus and music provided. A package price is available for interstate participants. 

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SFD holds a bi-annual Convention which is run over a week during January. These classes are run by Examiners.  SFD encourages all teachers to attend for the benefit of their students. Members are able to ask questions openly about any aspect of the syllabus work and will receive feedback regarding common faults seen in examinations and how each step should be executed correctly.

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Masterclasses  in Jazz, Tap and Classical are held annually.  SFD encourages students to attend if they are training to undertake an exam. The emphasis is on style and corrections from the Examiners, rather than the teaching of steps. Teachers are also able to view the Masterclasses.

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Competitions occur annually in Victoria and incorporate the following styles of dance: Jazz, Tap, Classical, Neo-Classical, Contemporary, Demi-Character, National, Hip Hop and Song & Dance. Competitors can enter solo, duo or trio sections as well as troupe sections.


Scholarships take place within the SFD Competitions. Six scholarships are awarded: Junior Jazz, Tap and Classical and Major Jazz, Tap and Classical. Candidates complete a technical class in their chosen style and also perform a solo on stage. To be eligible, students must participate in SFD examinations.



The Choreographic Competition occurs once a year in Victoria and gives students the opportunity to develop their choreographic skills and creativity. Competitors are judged solely on their choreography, not on technique. Styles of dance within the competitions are: Jazz, Tap, Classical, Neo-Classical, Contemporary Modern, Demi-Character and Troupes.



The SFD Combined Schools Concert occurs every year in Victoria. Students of all ages come together to represent their school and perform works reflecting diverse styles of dance and choreography. A special highlight of the evening is the presentation of the Annual Outstanding Achievement Award.


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SFD Choreographic Competitions

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