Southern Federation of Dance offers progressive up-to-date examinable Jazz, Tap and Classical syllabi designed to develop musicality and quality of performance. Each syllabus is challenging, stimulating and allows teachers to build students' skills and sustain their interest in their chosen style of dance. Our newly developed Dance Fusion syllabus blends together a range of genres. Dance Fusion caters for a wide range of student capabilities and has been designed to be examined in a flexible format. Our sequential training system has been developed in Australia and incorporates the safest dance principles. By providing optimal outcomes for all students, each individual is able to achieve his or her best. 

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  • Levels 1-10
  • Each level includes a routine choreographed by the teacher
  • Regular updates to reflect the latest musical trends and dance techniques
  • Variety of sub-styles including modern, funk and theatrical

Syllabus DVDs are available in Jazz Levels 1-10. Download a DVD order form here.

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  • Levels 1-7 plus majors: Pre-Elementary, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced
  • Builds a disciplined technical base
  • Nurtures individual artistic expression
  • Beautifully choreographed enchaînements

Syllabus DVDs are available in Classical Levels 1-Pre-Elementary. Download a DVD order form here.

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  • Levels 1-10
  • Each level includes a routine choreographed by the teacher
  • Develops a high level of proficiency
  • Uses a wide variety of music from past eras to present day
  • Teacher may also select musical accompaniment 

Syllabus DVDs are available in Tap Levels 1-8 and Level 10. Download a DVD order form here.  

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Splash a little colour into your dance studio with Southern Federation of Dance’s vibrant new Dance Fusion syllabus. 

Dance Fusion is an exciting blend of genres created by a team of industry professional to extend the performance skills and capabilities of dance students. Dance Fusion will help dance teachers keep their finger on the pulse of the fast progressing dance industry.

Be inspired and challenged by new ideas, while exploring a diverse range of styles such as Bollywood, Cheerleading, Jive, African, Contemporary, Hip Hop and more.

 Dance Fusion was developed by a creative team of dance professionals who saw the need, within the dance industry, to create a fresh new approach to syllabus work that provides:

  • Many different genres within one package
  • Challenges for a wide range of student capabilities
  • Inspiration for teachers to extend and motivate students whilst maintaining performers individuality
  • Skills to develop versatile dancers and performers
  • Examinations in an encouraging environment
  • Training support with Syllabus/Music/DVD Package/Learning Days



  • First 2 levels were launched on 10th October 2010
  • Examining of Dance Fusion commenced in 2011
  • Flexible exam format and choreographic options
  • Option of demonstrating in groups



Each level consists of:

  • 6 progressive exercises
  • 3 unique styles
  • 1 dance with the option of teacher’s choregraphy, student’s choreography OR a set dance



The choreographic content of Dance Fusion comes from a wide range of industry professionals and provides a diverse and varied experience. Teachers and students will find the exercises inspirational whilst helping to extend their dance knowledge.



  • Suggested starting age 12+ years
  • Can be used as a bridging syllabus for other SFD streams

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