Implemented in dance schools across Australia for more than 30 years, Southern Federation of Dance’s syllabus is choreographed by industry professionals and remains modern, keeping in line with evolving dance trends.

The natural progression through the levels supports a strong foundation in dance students’ technique. Exercises are carefully curated to engage dancers whilst keeping choreography and music age appropriate.


Southern Federation of Dance offers progressive, up-to-date, examinable syllabi in Jazz, Tap, Classical and Dance Fusion. Designed to develop musicality and quality in performance, each syllabus is challenging, stimulating and allows teachers to build students’ skills while sustaining their interest in their chosen style of dance.

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Our Classical Syllabus builds a disciplined technical base and nurtures individual artistic expression through beautifully choreographed enchaînements.


Our Jazz Syllabus incorporates a variety of sub-styles including contemporary, lyrical, hip-hop and theatrical. It is updated regularly to reflect the latest musical trends and dance techniques.


Our Tap Syllabus is choreographed to a wide variety of music from past eras to present day. The progression of technique is carefully curated to support students in developing a high level of proficiency.

Dance Fusion

Splash a little colour into your dance studio with our vibrant Dance Fusion syllabus. An exciting blend of genres created by a team of industry professionals to extend the performance skills and capabilities of dance students.


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